Carpenter Tools

Carpenter Tools

The list of those utensils and items that are used as an aid while working with wood to make something out of it are called as carpenter tools. The persons using these various tools to build something new are called as carpenter.

Types of carpenter tools

As carpentry is not a layman activity but a professional attitude and skills are required to work as a carpenter. Following are some of the types of carpenter tools:

  • Striking Tools

In this category of carpenter tools come such tools which are used for the purpose of striking only for example hammer, mallets and tools that are used for striking as well as cutting for example axes, hatchets and adzes etc.

  • Rasping tools

Under this category of carpenter tools fall those tools that act by abrasion for example saws of various kinds and rasps and files to give the finishing touches.

  • Paring tools

In this category of carpenter tools come the tools like planes of all kinds, spoke shaves, drawing knives, chisels and gouges.

  • Holding or Grasping Tools

These are the carpenter tools which are used for holding and grasping for example pincers and pliers, nippers, spanners, wrenches and all kinds of Vice.

  • Tools of Guidance and Direction

In this category of carpenter tools come those helping tools which are indirectly required for working as a carpenter. For example carpenter’s rule and chalk line, square, bevel, gauge, miter-box, spirit level, straight edge, plumb and level, compasses and calipers.

  • Miscellaneous Tools

Other tools that are not classified in any of the category of carpenter tools come under this category. For example, nail punch, scriber, reamer, etc.

Description of some basic carpenter tools:

To do any simple carpenter activity there is a set of tools required. Following are some of the basic tools for making something of wood or to be a carpenter.

  • Chisel

Chisel is such a carpenter hand tool which is used to cut the wood and make carving in it. This carpenter hand tool or carpenter tool can be bevel edge chisel, firmer and paring chisel, but the main purpose is to cut the wood. Thus it should be noticed that the blade and the grip works according to your requirement.

  • Saw

Saw is said to be the most important tool in the list of carpenter hand tools. The saw is of many types like hand saw, power saw, standard saw, ripsaw, bow saw, hack saw, key hole saw, coping saws, dovetail saws, wallboard saw, veneer saw, rod saw, crosscut saw, and etc.

  • Screwdriver

Screw driver as a carpenter hand tool or carpenter tool is used to install or remove the screws. The handle of this carpenter hand tool or carpenter tool may be made up of plastic or wood. Different types of screw driver include cabinet, standard, star, clutch head, nut driver, offset etc.

  • Hammers

Hammers are such an essential carpenter hand tool or carpenter tool. This carpenter tool includes brick, carpenter’s hammer, drywall, soft-face, ball pen etc. try to buy a strong hammer with easy handle.

  • Measuring tools

These carpenter tools include measuring tape, level and carpenter square etc.
These carpenter tools should be kept in carpenter tool pouch or carpenter tool belt.